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Write a bright future with:

Me to the Future

On the day you receive this book, suppose you go to the pub with a close friend: what would you like to toast with this person?


This is in one of the thought-provoking questions we ask you in the book ‘Me to the Future’. In addition to stimulating questions about your goals, predictions and expectations, we also ask funny and personal questions. You can have the book delivered on a date of your choosing within now and a year, such as your birthday or another milestone.

24 questions

30 min. to fill in

1 person

18 - 99 years

From € 14,95

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Get to know us

About Books to the Future

As our favorite scientist from the cult classic movie Back to the Future put it, “Your future hasn’t been written yet. Your future is whatever you make it.” Hence our invitation to you:

will you write the future?


We’ll assist by asking you positive, thought-provoking questions. You’ll answer — and we’ll have those answers printed as a book and delivered on a self-chosen date between now and a year. The result is your own paper time machine. One that can make you laugh, cry, reminisce, or even astound you. Because whatever you write down now has the power to affect you in the future.

How does it work?

4 simple steps

1. Select concept and print quality

Select whether you're writing solo or as a team and select either paperback or hardcover

2. Answer questions and launch your book

Choose a future date on which to have your book delivered

3. Select delivery date

Give our thought-provoking questions a whirl, pay and launch the book to the future

4. Receive your book

Your book will be - later - printed and delivered.

Write to the future

Start writing your book ‘Me to the Future’

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