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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, the concept of Books to the Future may not be entirely clear to you yet. We admit: it’s new, so maybe not so immediately understandable. That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions below. If your question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, Instagram, Facebook or the chat at the bottom of the homepage. We always look forward to hearing from you!


Books to the Future makes writing the future fun and meaningful: we’ll spark your thoughts on goals, predictions, personal matters and more. Then, we’ll turn your words into a book and amaze you with them on a self-chosen date between now and one year.

People often look backward. This quite often brings negative emotions, such as regret, shame or sadness.
Books to the Future wants to make people look positively to the future in an affordable way. You as a customer are asked positive, often funny but still profound questions about the future and you receive the booklet with the questions and answers at a date in the future of your choice. We also want the positivity of this platform to radiate to the future of the book trade in general, hence the name ‘Books to the Future’.

The concept was conceived and founded by Coen Borgman, an entrepreneur/editor/publisher in the book trade. Not only does he want to make people look at the future in a bright way, but also give the book trade a positive boost! Together with his team he is working hard to further develop Books to the Future.

To help you look forward to what’s to come and to encourage strong connections between you and the people you cherish the most, including yourself. We want to help you make goal setting, predictions, and future milestones and celebrations (extra) fun, by inspiring you to dream big and by creating a surprise amplified by the unknown element of time.

Our books can be ordered and delivered anywhere in the world in the languages Dutch and English. They are then printed locally in the country where you ordered. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint and keeps shipping costs low.

Book Products

Currently, there is a book product for yourself (Me to the Future), one you can do with friends (Friends to the Future), one for with your loved one (Us to the Future) and one you can complete with your child (You to the Future).

Me to the Future can be completed by one person, Friends to the Future by up to seven friends, Us to the Future by up to three lovers and You to the Future by up to five (of your) children.

es, if the Books to the Future concept catches on, more book products will appear. Which ones exactly we can’t say yet, but think of books around special events or for special target groups.

Books to the Future works with a worldwide network of printers. This means that your book will always be printed at the printer closest to you (i.e. in your own country). In this way we keep the shipping costs but also the ecological footprint as low as possible.

Book Quality

The books are available in paperback in black and white, paperback in color and hardcover in color. Of course, we recommend going for the most deluxe version (hardcover in color) for best results.

The size of the books is always A5 (5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in). This way it’s still a handy size that fits through the letterbox and looks nice in your bookcase.

Delivery Date

For now, we have set the receipt date to a maximum of one year from today. This is because we think there is enough happening in one year and we want to get the Books to the Future company right. If it becomes successful we also want to introduce book products that you can receive further into the future. For example, think up to three years or five years.

Smart thinking! We make sure that before we send the book to you, we do a check on your address. We will do this via email well in advance of the delivery.


Our goal is to get people to look at their future in a positive way. Therefore, our questions will usually be positive, funny yet profound. At least to think about. Our slogan is not for nothing: Write a bright future with your paper time machine! The questions themselves are broadly divided into the categories, goals, predictions, most likely. In addition, there is room for an open message. You can find some examples on our homepage.

At this time, unfortunately, this is not possible.

If you are completing a book with multiple people, you do this one at a time. The answer fields will all appear on the screen and you can pass the phone or laptop to each other. The best part about this, of course, is not looking at what the other person has filled out. Although by the time you receive the booklet, you will probably have forgotten it too.

Prices & Payment

For pricing, see the home page and scroll down to the bottom where the book concepts are listed.

No. Unfortunately, shipping costs must be paid separately.

Payment will be made once all questions are answered and the preview of the pdf is approved by you.

You can order as many copies as you want. So if you fill out a book with your partner, group of friends or several children, you can also have a book delivered for them. Of course this is not necessary, although with a group of friends it would be nice! Unfortunately, at the moment we only work with one delivery address.


No worries! We work according to the guidelines of the GDPR. This means, among other things, that the questions and answers are completely shielded from third parties, including our team.


Of course we understand that this concept will test your patience. That is why after payment you will receive a Launch Certificate from us by e-mail that you can print out, so that you immediately have something tangible in your hands that can also serve as a reminder.

Good news! Because the books are in fact prepaid and the delivery deadline is now set at a maximum of one year, we guarantee that the books will always be produced and delivered.

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